Create a CTA for Unsuccessful activity in last 90 days

  • 25 January 2023
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Hello Gainsight community I am attempting to create a Risk CTA for No Successful Activity in 90 days.


I would like some help to see what I might be missing. If you can please provide steps on how to complete the CTA within Rules Engine.

As of right now I am pulling from the Account Object .

Show: Account Name, Owner Name, and Account ID.

Filters: Account Status = Active

Last Successful Activity Date >= Subtract N Days From Rule Date 90

1 reply

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@BabaOluk - This is a pretty common Risk type CTA that I’ve seen. 

One quick note - if you are on the NXT version of Gainsight, you’ll need to use the Company object in order to retrieve the GSID of the Company record which is required for assigning CTAs.

You will need to have the User ID as well in your show list so that the CTA can be assigned -- sounds like this is the Account Owner.

In your filter, you will want to change the “Last Successful Activity Date” to be <= (less than or equal to) Subtract N days from Rule Date - 90 days. This is because it is a Date field and not a numeric field. You essentially want to find dates that are prior to (less than/equal) 90 days ago.

If you have the right Company/Account identifier, you should see Call to Action 2.0 as an available action in the Action setup step.