Advanced Logic Does Allow for Complex Logic

  • 2 June 2021
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I am trying to create a Rule to add an End Suppression Milestone to an Account 60 days after the Start Suppression Milestone was added.  I know I can create two queries (one for Start Milestone <= 60 days and one to exclude accounts with the Stop Milestone <=60 days) and then merge for the Account list to add the Stop milestone.  

The issue I can across is that I should also be able to do this in a single query using Advanced Logic but the system removes the parenthesis upon save.  Here is the Logic:  

Filter A:  Milestone Name = Start Milestone

Filter B:  Date <= Subtract 60 days

Filter C: Milestone Name does not equal ‘Stop Milestone’

Filter D: Date >= Subtract 60 days


Advanced Logic =  (A AND B) AND (C AND D)


When I enter that logic, all parenthesis are removed on save but ‘A AND B AND C AND D’ is not the same as ‘(A AND B) AND (C AND D)’. 


Is this by design, is there another way to accomplish this, or is this a bug?


Thanks in advance.  


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@jenniferpa I don’t think you can do this in a single query, because your query is going to focus on specific and individual Milestone records, and then quality or disqualify each individual Milestone record based on your logic. In that scenario, (A AND B) AND (C AND D) is indeed the same as A AND B AND C AND D. All the filters apply to the same individual Milestone record, where as you want to apply 2 filters to one record and 2 filters to another record of the same type.

To put your need into alternate words, you want to identify Companies which have a Milestone record where A AND B are both true, and you also want to identify a Companies which have a Milestone record where C AND D are both true, and you want the Inner (common) Join of those Companies. Thus, I think you need multiple queries with a Merge.

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Thanks, @matthew_lind