Adding a Renewal Risk Measure with CTA Creation

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Hi everyone, 


Hoping to get some thoughts on how to best acheive this. We are looking to add a new Renewal Risk Measure to our Health Score. 

The current requirements we are looking at are along the following lines:

  • Set the renewal risk score manually by CSM on accounts with an assigned CSM
  • Set a weekly batch job for other (non-assigned CSM accounts) based upon when renewal is due and overall health of account.
  • If Renewal Risk goes Red - trigger a CTA automatically to the assigned CSM (where applicable). Where no assigned CSM possibly assign to the CSM Manager of the Segment?
  • When the Renewal Opp closes, automatically reset the Renewal Risk Score to Green and close any open CTA’s. 

Wondering has anyone a similar process in place or how you might start out with this? Just looking advice or some additional input before I start creating the process.  







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@pmccrudden Our AMs are currently assigning renewal risk at the opportunity level in SFDC, and then, we are using a rule to calculate renewal potential across all opps on the account for addition in our health score.  When the AMs assign the renewal risk, we’re also asking them to assign a reason for that risk, and based on the reason chosen, we fire a specific playbook around mitigating that risk.  

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@meenal_shukla do you have any idea on this?

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Here are my 2 cents:

  1. Let CSMs create a risk CTA if they identify a renewal risk.
  2. The scorecard measure is automated and is turned red when there is a risk CTA open
  3. CSMs work at the CTA level in order to resolve the risk
  4. Once the risk CTA is closed, the scorecard measure turns green through a rule.