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  • 16 September 2021
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I am not able to add more than 50 fields in show fields in a task in a rule.

Is there any way out to do that.

I have also tried doing it with adding another task and merging that but it is also not giving desired outcomes.

can you please suggest any other way


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3 replies

@Swati gupta Maximum number of Show fields in each task is 50, that a limitation from Gainsight.


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Hey @Swati gupta, thank you or your post. Let me quickly loop in our Product Manager to clarify this give you a rock solid answer/solution to your question. 

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Hi @Swati gupta 

Currently we can pull only 50 fields in one Fetch task. So if we need more than 50 fields we need to create one more fetch task and have to Join.

Ex: lets consider you are using MDA Company Object

Fetch one Show fields should be: Company ID, the next 49 fields what ever you want to add

Fetch two Show fields should be: Company ID, another fields.

Merge: Fetch one with Fetch two use “Inner Join” as a Join Condition and choose all the fields from fetch one and choose all the fields(Except Company Id from Fetch two)


Hope this will resolve the issue for now.