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Renewal Center - Improve ease of access to specific renewals

  • 4 March 2020
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It would be great if opportunities could be searched via the Gainsight search field or via a dedicated field in Renewal Center.

Background: Our Customer Renewal & Growth Manager has found that when she finds a renewal opportunity that she would like to update, she would prefer to do so via renewal center, rather than Salesforce to avoid the delay in syncing the changes.

Unfortunately, when this comes up, it usually means that she would have to change or remove the filters she had been using previously in order to find the opp in the forecast view and edit it.

1 reply

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Makes a lot of sense as a part of our roadmap, but we have not started the work. At this time you can search on the forecast tab, but you would need to select the appropriate time period. You can also add the opportunity name field in the global filter.