View Creation and Permissions in Renewal Center coming Dec 1st 2020!

  • 8 October 2020
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Multiple teams are involved in renewals. As a result, we find executives, Customer Success Managers, and Renewal Managers all using Renewal Center. Each role has a different need for the data they should have access to. Users also need pre-defined views that make it easier for them to see the most relevant information.

So with the Dec 1st release, we are providing:

  • Out of the box views for Analysis. Execs, Renewal Managers, and CSMs can have views tailored to their needs. Admins can preconfigure views appropriate for Execs who own various segments/industries/geo etc. Add/remove/rearrange analysis as you see fit. Views can also show see side-by-side comparisons of Churn and other analysis for different time frames.
  • Out of the box views for Forecasting. We’ve found that users need to see their list of opportunities in various scenarios in order to forecast efficiently. For example, create views for at risk renewals. A view for Renewals Due will be provided out of the box.
  • Data Permissions to control what opportunities users can see. Data security concerns come up given the financial aspects of opportunities and retention metrics. Control what opportunities your users can view. For example restrict the opportunities users can view only to those they own.



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Nice preview of some exciting features!

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Thank you @minh_phan  - this is going to be a gamechanger!