Renewals Management - Your Feedback Needed!

  • 25 January 2019
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Gainsight Product Management is working on creating solutions to help organizations manage their renewal process and to remove many of the pain points associated with ensuring high renewal rates, creating accurate forecasts, and collaborating effectively on renewal activities. In order to help us refine our designs, we are very interested in hearing from YOU!

Three main areas where we'd like your input:

  • Share your thoughts about your top renewal management and forecasting pain points
  • Who is responsible for managing and forecasting renewal opportunities at your company? [list]
  • Examples: Customer Success, Renewal Managers, Account Managers (responsible for renewal and expansion - "farmer"), Sales Executive (responsible for new logos - "hunter"), others?
  • Would you be willing to meet with some of our product managers to discuss your renewal management and forecasting use cases and specific needs?

    [/list]Thanks in advance for your engagement and inputs!

  • 6 replies

    We are willing to meet with Product and discuss use cases and processes. We are building out those workflows in Gainsight currently.

    It would be a great collaboration opportunity to exchange ideas.

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    Hi Amita,

    Thanks for responding!

    Can you please shoot me a note at dahrens @ Gainsight.com and we can schedule something.


    Hi Dan,

    We are excited to hear this!

    Our CSM's are responsible for the renewal and works with the Account Managers

    We would be willing to chat with a PM at Gainsight on our use case

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    Can't believe I hadn't seen this– hope it's not too late. In response to the ask for input:

    • One of our bigger pain points with renewals management today is managing customers with multiple products that renew at different times. Many times, our csustomers use more than one product, but the products might be used by different business units, with different buying contacts and have different subscriptions with different renewal dates. If this the case, in general (but not always) our products are different enough that different CSMs will manage different relationships, and GS Relationships 😉, within the same Account. We're very heavy LRM users (although, we're on 1.0 still b/c manual entry is a must for us) and managing multiple-subscribtions within the same Transaction thread can get really tricky.
    • Generally speaking, our CSMs manage renewal opportunity forcasting categories.
    • @dan_ahrens if the opportunity is still avaialble, would love to chat with Gainsight PMs on this topic!
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    Hi Pele, Thanks for your interest in this topic! We are pretty well along with our design for the first iteration, but I'll tag @minh_phan in case he'd still like to connect with you.

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    Thanks, Dan!