How to best manage renewal opportunities in NXT?

  • 27 September 2019
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Hey All,

We use NXT with rules set up to deploy a renewal playbook and advance our customers to the appropriate status/stage based on that playbook and the contract end date. However, we're used to managing renewals as an opportunity in a CRM and it feels like we're still missing that piece since the closure of the playbook itself doesn't fully help us indicate if the renewal was won/lost, on what date, and at what amount of growth/churn.

Any suggestions on how to create that opportunity experience in Gainsight without having the opportunity itself flowing in from a CRM?



2 replies

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Hi Kris,

Have you seen Gainsight's Renewal Center product? It was purpose built to show this exact kind of data and to allow opportunity managers to quickly update their accounts while seamlessly keeping all stakeholders up to date. https://www.gainsight.com/revenue-optimization/

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Thanks, Dan. Probably out of our scope right now, but that's good to keep in mind that Gainsight has a more specialized product. Any ideas on workflows for non-RO users?