Associate Timeline entries with Opportunities?

  • 8 February 2019
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One of my customers have 100s of Opps associated with their customer. Is there a way to have a 'linked object' mechanism to associate Timeline entries with Opps? Ability to add Timeline entries for a specific Opportunity rather than the customer account. This way the Timeline entries related to that opp becomes reportable and searchable.

Note: I know we can add Timeline entries to a CTA that has opportunity as a linked object. This is not the use case descibed above.

I also know that Timeline can be accessed by the widget in Opp. This is not the use case descibed above.

5 replies

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Super interesting Meenal. Can you tell us a bit more about the person who needs this and what job they're trying to get done?

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Yes, I can share the customer name internally but essentially they have multiple products and associated with each product is an opportunity (they are not using Relationships and I think it is too early for them to do so). They are filling in opp updates and have no way of associating a timeline entry to this opportunity.

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+1, we have a similar use-case that would be solved with this feature. Our sellers (not on GS) are only writing notes/updates on the opportunity vs. the account so they don't see the CSM's Timeline entries that are syncing from GS. It would be great if the CSMs could associate Timeline entries to a specific opportunity within Timeline.

+1 We have a very similar use case to the one Meenal is describing and our Sales team that who uses View licenses would also really benefit from being able to log Timeline emails at the opportunity level.

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Would love this option as well.  Maybe just a general function to be able to tie the overall Timeline type to a different object.  In our use case, we have a Timeline activity type of Renewal Discussion that we’d want to associate with an opportunity, but everything else is fine going to the account.  


Side Note in case anyone is interested: I did find a bit of way to work around it.  I added a field on the Timeline activity for Opportunity ID, and then, I have a rule that adds that to the Related To on the SF Task object field instead of the account.