Use the percentage widget in a dashboard

  • 29 April 2019
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I am creating dashboards to present program results to csm, sellers, management... using various AO tables. Percentages are often more meaningful than total number of emails to present such information so I want to produce a report that shows a percentage of emails opened or clicked for instance, rather than total number.

As there is no means to do calculations in reports, I can only pull total numbers right now, unless we create a field.

The AO Analytics has numerics including a field call Open Rate field but it is empty (bug?)

Anyone has been successful using the % widget at all for a similar purpose?

2 replies

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Nope. I pull all reports I need and then run calculations in Excel....all manual reporting. If only Program Analytics was more customizable.

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+1000 (hyperbole) This is an ongoing ask from our Manager level users.

As a CSM Manager/Director/Executive I need the ability to see the % to goal as well as quota for CSM's overall AND individually.

A simple % format widget with a "math/calculation" interface to help derive the displayed value in % format. Click-through functioanlity from other widgets could be preserved to display source data for calculation