Tracking the time it takes to serve customers

  • 6 April 2021
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Has anyone cracked the code on tracking the time it takes to serve customers?  We need to start collecting data so that we can make smart operational and personnel decisions.  I have some ideas swirling but thought it’d come here to see if the community had any great design ideas.  


Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • We have already created a duration or estimated time to complete (in min) field on CTAs and Tasks and we have the Duration field in Timeline activities (for meetings and other things)
  • We’re also going to pre-populate estimated durations for the standard implementation and service tasks tasks in playbooks, only needing updates by the CS team if something is way off and requires much more time than anticipated
  • With this data, we’ll design a dashboard to have visibility into what it requires to service a customer and eventually measure based on where they are in their lifecylce and other factors.  

The current roadblock:

  • Can anyone think of a way to total up the durations of tasks and have that visible directly on the CTA?

I’m in very early stages of this effort but the goal is to make this as streamlined as possible so that it isn’t a burdensome exercise for the CS team and for it to be a sophisticated solution.  Any ideas and insights are much appreciated! 


Here’s my very very rudimentary initial dashboard for a specific customer who has service hours capped.  


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@cynthiam Thank you sharing this here. We are looking into it, I will get back to you on this. 

@meenal_shukla and @seth do you have any suggestions here?