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  • 16 November 2015
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We have 5 team leaders that I have created team dashboards for by using Success Rep = John Doe or Success Rep = Jane Doe, but that's painful as anytime a team changes, adjustments have to be made to each report of the dashboard.  Our User Info page in SF has reporting information (Jane Doe reports to Bob Smith).  It would be great to be able to leverage that.  I found a few workarounds posted, but they all seem just as manually intensive as my current workaround.  Any suggestions for how to utilize the reporting hierarchy in SF in GS?

4 replies

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Hi Heather.

We have a field called CSM Manager. Which is a similar hierarchy to yours above. This field is created in SFDC and then via the rules engine pushed to sync under accounts in GS.

Once thats done within the dashboards we insert the filter and say CSM Manager = Current User. That way the CSM Manager who logs in sees their team under them and its only one dashboard.

The maintaining part going forward will happen in your SFDC instance which will update GS.

I would suggest you contact your AM to help you build this but its not complicated at all.

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Thanks, Naquiyah!  Here's another place where you @ would be useful! 🙂
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lol I concur!!! But you can do it the old fashioned way and email copy paste this to your AM 😛
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Thanks, Naquiyah that's exactly what I was going to share!

To enable the method Naquiyah described you have to build two new fields on the CustomerInfo object.

1) Formula (Text) field: this will pull in the Manager's UserID from the CSM's user record

The Customer_Success_Manager__c field is where you store the Success Rep assignment (on Account or CustomerInfo)
The ManagerID field is the Manager field on the User Record (standard SF Field)

Below is the formula:

2) Lookup field to the User object: This will be the field you use for reporting/filters
To populate this field, you will create a rule that writes from the CustomerInfo object to the CustomerInfo object. In your rule setup, pull in the AccountID and the Formula(Text) field you made in step 1 above. Then in your 'Load to Customer's action map the 1) Formula(Text) to the 2) Lookup(user) field. Schedule to run everyday. With this rule you're writing the Manager's UserID you pulled onto CustomerInfo in the previous step and writing it into the User(Lookup) field.