Syncing Attached CTA files back to the Account

  • 28 April 2017
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Hey guys I have been working with a customer and we have made it to a roadblock so throwing this out to the community for any ideas.

The process that we were hoping to accomplish was this:CTA with set parameters would fire to tell the CS team that it was time to conduct the Account Quarterly Business Review.

The team has a deck that they use to present to the client.

Once the QBR was completed, the hope was that they could then attach a PDF version of the deck to the CTA as an attachment which would then sync over to the account so that we'd have a record that lived on the account that anyone could access.

Is there a good way to do this without creating Groups that get notified and just sync this back to the Account?

9 replies

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The way we normally see visibility happening is by creating a report in 360 (could be in acct widget also) with links to the uploaded docs.  Does this not work for your use case?
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Hi Karl - thanks so much for the suggestion.

Not everyone in our org has access necessarily to Gainsight or the 360 so it would be ideal if documents could be added to CTAs and the made available via a sync to the SFDC, which everyone can access currently. 
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I see.  Where do you see things getting stored?  In principle you can use Rules Engine to read the URLs from the GSFileLink objects and write them out wherever you want but you just to have a place for it to go 🙂.

Prior to having the file link capability the recommended path used to be for folks to put files into the chatter group that can be shown within the CTA view.  There are multiple options for which group to show but often it is the Account chatter group, which is obviously widely accessible.  There were several negatives to this approach including the fact that sometimes folks very much did NOT want to provide broad access given the potential for sensitive data in the files but also because without special handling (like we are providing with this feature) it is pretty painful to get good reporting on files attached in this way. 
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Hey Karl - Ideally, I would like for them to just be stored as an attachment under the 'Notes & Attachments' section on the Account object in SFCD.

Is there any other feature that allows attachments to be synced?

Can you provide a little more clarity around what the 'file link capability' is? Is there documentation as this isn't something that I'm familiar with. 

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Here are docs on the feature I was referring to.  Does this help?
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Adding few more steps here,
Precondition: Chatter should be enabled.

Navigate to CTA configuration page and configure as shown below .

Navigate to Cockpit Tab>>Create a CTA and upload a file from your computer then click on Share button. Please follow below screenshot.

Navigate to Account page, you will find the attachment under 'Notes & Attachments' section.

NOTE: This use-case cannot be achieved with CTA PRIVATE FILES feature.

Please let me know if this is not achieving the your use-case. 
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Hey guys, I'm still hung up.

I have the below Auto post files to: field and I'm not sure what I'm suppose to select or create here in order to get to the end result of posting to Notes/Attachments on the Account level.

Also, the view that I have the attachment section on my dummy CTA is cut off as seen below, which is making it a little difficult to see what I have set up so far:

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From the above screenshot I notice that you are attaching file from CTA PRIVATE FILES feature.Attaching a file from CTA PRIVATE FILES feature will not result the file in Notes/Attachments on the Account level. Could you please do it from chatter. Please follow below screenshot .

If you still face any issues please let us know. 

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Sai - Thank you so much for the call out on the CTA Private Files feature. With a little help from Gsight Support this morning, I was able to get this set up and ready to go! The team will be pumped! Thanks again for all your quick responses and help!