Snowflake Integration in Data Designer

  • 11 January 2021
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With 6.17 Release, Snowflake Connector has been integrated with Data Designer. If your organisation’s IT infrastructure uses Snowflake to store business data, this connection helps you build reports on this data in Gainsight and combine this data with other customer information and create datasets in Data Designer.

If you wish to learn more, following are the doc resources:


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3 replies

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@sai_kumar Thank you for sharing!!

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Can we enable this feature for Rule engine to allow Snowflake as source?

@sai_ram  @sai_kumar 

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@rakesh could you please look into this request and let us know if there is anything as such in the roadmap. @rakesh_lingala @neelam_mukherjee @minh_phan  FYI. Thanks!