Showing Results when "Count = Zero" in Reports / Dashboards

  • 16 August 2016
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Whenever I attempt to display data on dashboards where the count is zero, the result is pulled from the table or chart.

For example, I want to build a dashboard view for my team to display the list of CSMs who have created 4 or fewer CTAs last week, while we track adoption and utilization of this feature. I still - and especially - want to see the names of those who have created _zero CTAs_, but their names are removed from the chart altogether, and only those who have created 1, 2, 3, or 4 show up.

Similarly, show me those who have closed 4 or fewer CTAs in the last N Days, or show me the list of CSMs with fewer than 4 Overdue CTAs, etc.

Seems very helpful for this to be a toggle when creating reports. "Show Zero Results" or something along these lines. 

5 replies

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Hey Eric, This is a typical "absence of data" use cases which we are not supporting right now in Reporting. However, this happens to be in our mid-term roadmap. I will see if I can prioritize it further. This is to automatically insert zero values wherever there is absence of data. Thanks for bringing this up !
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This would be helpful for my org as well.  I have built exception reporting in SFDC to alert me if certain segments of accounts don't have certain types of CTAs open.  I'd love to be able to build this type of report in Gainsight so I can include it on dashboards for managers.
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Any updates on this feature being available.  We have a similar need to determine customers whom have entered "zero" cases during some time period.  Im assuming we have to establish a variable on the account object or Customer info or usage objects, ; default the value to 0 and then update that variable perhaps through the rules engine on a daily basis.   Am also going to explore the possibility of using Bionic rules / tasks to temporarily determine the count and then generate a CTA based on the result....   a challenge for myself !!
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Is there any update here? Will this be available with the new Data Designer reporting?

I may have the opposite need - if there is no data in my report, the line graph shows ‘0’. I’d rather have it just not show a data point at all.  Seeing a 0 is throwing me off.  Is there a way to customize the line graph to not show any data if no data exists?   An alternative, which we are using for now, is to use a Column chart.  It will only show columns where there is data…. but we’re hoping to use a line.