Show Totals in a Pivot Report?

  • 13 May 2020
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Hi GS Fam!

I created a pivot report by CQ.  Is there a way I can populate the total for all 4 CQ?   In the example below, I would love the total to either be the first or last column

Also, I am doing this via GS SFDC, not NXT


5 replies

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Perfect. That’s a good ida on the stack bar chart. It will definitely make things look better. 

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Thanks Jean!  I did try that.  It looks a bit ugly because the the size limitation enforcement on the dashboard.

I ended up using a stacked bar chart that allows me to put the data point values in, which is probably a better visual anyways.

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You could put it in a dashboard and include a second report with just the totals. Are you planning to share this report in a dashboard?

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Was just going to post the same question!  Thanks GS Community

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Hi @andorfuhrer 

Thanks for posting this. We will evaluate the technical possibility for this before we pick this up.