Sharing of Dashboards with Global Filters

  • 4 December 2017
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With the release 5.10, we are now able to share Dashboards via link with users; however, the global filter that was created for the dashboard does not seem to be "sticking" when sharing.

When I update the global filter and click Preview & Share, the next screen does not have the filter saved. When I re-enter the filter and then send the link via email, once I open the link, the filter is again not saved. Per details received via the webinar (if I understood correctly) the global filters should stay as requested when sharing the dashboard. 

My questions are as follows:
  1. Should the global filters stay when sharing via link?
  2. If so, is anyone else having this issue?
  3. If you have had this issue, were you able to fix it and if so, would you mind sharing how it was fixed.
As always, thank you for your input - this community is great!

9 replies

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I haven't played around with this yet, but am also very interested in the answer! I think the logical answer given the user interface would be that it *should* work.
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I reached out to Gainsight support with this question, they informed me that the filters are not sticky when sharing dashboards. It would be up to the recipients to set the filters every time. I would like to request this feature for the upcoming release. 
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Hi Pam,

The behavior on global filters when sharing via Dashboard Sharing is similar as when a user accesses that dashboard from within the Gainsight application. When a user accesses that filter for the first time, any locked or default filters set by the admin when saving the dashboard in the administration panel should appear by default. From there the user can change their own global filters (excepting those that are locked). One deviation is that the user's previous customized filters are not saved if the link to the Shared Dashboard is reloaded.

Keep in mind that if the user clicks the Reset Filter button, the filter will revert to whatever setting the admin had when they saved the dashboard. This is usually "any" but could be any other search that the admin had saved.  

And just as in the Gainsight application, if you want a specific filter to be locked, this is respected by Dashboard Sharing. Some notes from this support page:

  • Only the admin can modify the filter definition or delete the filter.
  • The end user can modify only the filter criteria and this change is preserved across the user’s sessions.
  • You can clear the filter value applied by clicking the Clear Filters icon.
  • As an admin, you can lock a filter by clicking the [img][/img]icon. If an admin chooses to lock a filter, the end-user cannot modify it in the Gainsight Home page. Each time an admin changes the filter value for a locked filter, it is automatically updated in the Gainsight Home page.
  • You can reset a filter by clicking the Reset Filters icon. Resetting the filter will move it back to the default state, which is the state of the filter defined by the admin when it was created.     Note: You can reset a global filter to the ANY state only if the admin has set its value to the ANY state when it was created. Hope this helps!
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Thanks, Dan. What would be totally AWESOME is if we gave the "Share-er" (Yes I just made that word up) the ability to keep the current filters or reset them back to the dashboard defaults. The use case for me would be to setup a dashboard, apply the global filters, click share and there to be a check box for "use current filters applied".

When sharing these cross functionally with users that have little Gainsight experience, its difficult to make sure they are seeing specifically what data I want them to see. The only current workaround would be to use the body of the sharing email to say Step 1. Apply this filter Step 2. Apply this filter Step 3. Look here.... just seems a bit too much. Does this make sense? Request seem valid?
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Thanks Steve! You hit the nail on the head!!
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Dan, Follow up question (just because I have never tested). I'd like to share this on a regular cadence. If the user clicks on the link, changes the filters and leaves the page... when they click the link again will it refresh all the filters or will it be sticky to the filters when they last accessed the shared dashboard?
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Hey Steve, I tested this just now and if you share a dashboard and the user changes any of the filters that they're allowed to (based on permissions set by the admin on locked filters), and then closes the dashboard, and then reopens the link - the filters revert to the state they were in when they first received the shared dashboard. It does not appear to have user state preservation. 
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We haven't implemented end-user state preservation for the dashboard shared via a link. This means, if you access the dashboard via the link, change some filters and come back to it later. those changes to the filter would be gone (your state is not preserved).
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Yea, I'd recommend the option then to share "with filters applied" or "without filters applied" to solve for both use cases.