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  • 30 July 2021
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Is there any way to request a Select Distinct when creating reports?  


Example - we are using data designer to create a report that tries to pull in CTAs, NPS Survey Responses and Survey Answers all together.

CTA object is kicking our ass as we have one company that has 2 survey participants but this is causing duplication of the overall results because the reporting tool cannot tell the CTAs apart and there is no way to tell the CTA that one user is different from another because the CTA GSID is different.  There isnt anything to use to separate that or link to use it as an additional join requirement in the merge.


Thank you

2 replies

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@Rachel.Morton sorry for the inconvenience, Iwill check and get back to you. 

In an attempt to see if it could be done, I created a transformation of the CTA object to create a substring formula filed from the CTA Name to remove the first 34 characters of CTA Name “NPS Detractor Response Received - “name”” so I could get a name.  This got me close to what I think is needed or as close as we can get to a Participant Name from the CTA Object

That transformation worked in DD but Im not able/allowed to create a merge with that transformation to the NPS Survey Response object and use the new formula field results as a join.