Scorecard reporting on Adoption Customers (Onboarding)

  • 12 October 2021
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Hi there, 


We have a scorecard set up for our Adoption (customers going through Onboarding) and Success (customer post-onboarding) customers. We want to be able to assess the changes in our customers’ scores from initially joining us (at the stop of Adoption) to the end (before they’re handed to Success) to see the value of our Adoption Managers.  

The isssue we have is that the healthy accounts are constantly leaving (as they complete Adoption and move into Success) whilst unhealthy accounts are constantly joining (as we sign for new customers). If we look at the average score of all accounts in Adoption WoW, Adoption Managers will want to hold onto their green accounts rather than moving them across to Success which we obviously don’t want - ideally we want to reward the customers who are not only green but not in Adoption for long either. 


Has anyone come across this issue before/have any suggestions as how to report on this? 




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