Scorecard Report - Week over Week Changes

  • 13 September 2023
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Is there a way to create a report that shows week over week changes? I would like it to show the Current Score for the current week and the Previous Score from the week prior. Also any changes in the measures would be great as well.

1 reply

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Hello @pchoe,

You can build a scorecard Habits report to view the week over week Health Score Trends. 

Navigate to the Administration > Scorecard Widgets (under Analytics) > Create Report > Habits.

  • Bring in the ‘Company Name’ field in the Show Me and Group by the ‘Snapshot Date’ field and the ‘Overall Score (Account)’ field.
  • Make sure to choose the ‘Week of Snapshot Date’ to view the week of the Snapshot data.
  • We filter down on the ‘Time Granularity’ to show WEEKLY data and if you have multiple scorecards and only want to view the trends specific to it, apply filter on the Scorecard Name.


Hope this helps!