Schedule Export and Email of UI Views

  • 14 April 2016
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I've just tried to set up the Scorecard - Standard View to be auto-delivered to Sales leadership, however, it doesn't seem to work. What I receive is a PowerPoint file with one slide that says "Scorecard". I tried to export another dashboard and it worked but it was a 64 slide PP file instead of an Excel spreadsheet. Is there a way to have these exported as Excel files rather than PP?

I filed ticket #9279 with your Support team if you need any further information. Thanks!

3 replies

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Justin, you export individual reports as CSV. This applies both of reports you've configured as well scorecard - standard view. From the Gainsight dashboard, click on the icon on the report to export as CSV. This cannot be auto delivered. Only PPT can be, and scorecard - standard view cannot be exported in the PPT currently. 

Would it be more useful to you to enable auto-delivery of all reports as CSV attachments or included standard views in the PPT dashboard. 

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Thanks, Gaurav! We currently perform exports of the Scorecard view and circulate internally but we were looking for a way to auto-send Scorecard report each month through the "Email Dashboard Settings" in the Layout Manager. So, enabling auto-delivery of reports as CSV attachments would be very useful.
Is there an update on when we can export reports/dashboards as CSVs for tabular reports?