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  • 4 August 2021
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Hi guys,


I’m wondering if a common use case we have issues in the past has a possible solution now with Horizon Analytics.

We are measuring the time we take for customers to reach “First value” with our product. For that we have 3 main fields FV Achieved (y/n boolean), FV Target date (date field) and FV actual (date field).


With that data we were looking to build a chart that would get us a monthly breakdown with the % of FV achieved (=true).

  • X-axis - FV  target date ( by month)
  • y-axis - % of customers with FV achieved

Similar to this chart, built in another tool (disregarding the colors):

I think this is a typical case where in the previous report builder would have to be solved via rules engine. But does anyone know if that’s still the case for horizon?


Thanks in advance! 


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7 replies

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@rakesh hope you are the right person to answer this.

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I do not believe we can directly build this in Horizon Analytics. This needs some sort of data transformation to be built. I recommend leveraging Data Designer for this to calculate that % (using case) and then display it in report.  

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Hi @rakesh. Thanks for the reply. I’m not too familiar with the data designer but I’ll give it a try.

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@rakesh , was trying out data designer, that certainly needs some time to get proficient in, and wanted just to confirm my rationale. 

In Rules engine I would do a Case expression to tranform the boolean trues into 1 and the falses into 0 and then I would Pivot on the Month. For Data Designer would the logic be similar or I’m just mixing up two very different things?

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(sorry guys for the flood of messages)


With Data designer, would we able to drill down on the totals? That is one of the limitations of using the rules engine for that.

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It ended up being a lot easier than what I thought. I was completely over-complicating it.

Just had to move the boolean into the “Group by”


Got a question, though, can I sort the order of the values in the columns? I don’t think I can, but might as well try to confirm :)

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Great that you have found a much simpler way to make it work. 

On sorting - we have 2 sorts here. The order of the bars itself can be set from the settings in Gear icon. (Ranking and Sorting section)

The order of the values inside the bar is alphabetic in nature. But you can use Aliases to prefix the order with 1,2 to force a certain display order.