Ordering columns in a chart

  • 9 August 2021
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Hi team,

We’re building a chart with columns where the group by is set by numeric intervals from negative to positives. Like so:


The issue here is obviously with sorting the columns. Particularly for the negative intervals, since they’re the ones who are messed up: -15 to 0; -30 to 15; -45; -45 to 30. 


Is there a away I can properly order them even if we need aliases or changing labels. I just wanted something a bit more subtle and less confusing than using an a, b, c or 1, 2, 3 prefix. 


Thanks in advance guys! 

3 replies

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Have you tried configuring aliases with “-” there? It may sort the columns properly if you name your aliases exactly as you have it on your chart. 

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Hi @jean.nairon. This is probably a dumb question but wouldn’t configure the aliases to what I have on the chart result on the same end result?

  •  -45>
  • -45 to -30
  • -30 to -15
  • -15 to 0
  • 0
  • and then just like the rest are on the chart today.

It’s almost like I want it sort by numeric values while it is sorting by alphabetically 

(I probably misunderstood what you suggested though) 

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Hi @andr_raposo. That’s correct, o should have explained my logic a bit better. It is sorting it alphabetically. I haven’t tested this but I was thinking aliases might sort numerically as well. 

If it doesn’t, your best bet will unfortunately be to add a letter or a number to the front of it. I know that’s what you didn’t want to do so I thought maybe aliases might do the trick. Would love to hear if that worked out.