How can I show two data sources on one report?

  • 3 June 2015
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I am trying to see a dashboard view of transactions plotted against closed won CTA's over time. The goal is to see a direct correlation between CSM activity (QBRs, Meetings, Success Reviews, etc.) and Customer Transactions. I'm not having luck pulling in these two data sources in one view for this purpose. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Daria,  Currently we don't have the ability to create reports using multiple data sources. We are thinking through the ways to provide this ability, and will update soon.

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How are clients getting around this today? How are you reporting to show direct correlation between Customer Success Activity (closed won CTA's) and closed transactions? 
We need to combine usage data (one data set) with financial data (different data set). We have multiple data sets across multiple subscription offers, building dashboards for our executives will require combining all of these data sets.

I haven't seen anyone respond to Daria, are people exporting data out of Gainsight and building dashboards in Excel or Tableau?
Can anyone share best practices?
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Hi Gainsight! Any update or suggestion on how to do this? How does Gainsight see with their Customers that there was a direct correlation between a CSM engaging for demos, calls, coaching sessions, and growth in that account (more licenses or product expansion). Thank you!
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Daria - We do track a lot via Health Scores and Gainsight tracks that over time as you know.

 The other general approaches we do use are: 1) consider some level of "CTA/CSM Engagement as a Usage Metric (we set this up in Express) or track ARR by month as a "usage metric" 2) we do sometimes track specific attributes or fields on CustomerInfo that we can use in conjunction with Usage data  3) We use dashboards that may not have all data points in one report but show the data metrics in reports side by side on a dashboard, e.g. Closed Won CTAs by CSM on one report and Closed Renewal/Upsell Opps by CSM on the report next to it
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Thanks, Denise!! 
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We've been able to work with our implementation to join a couple of our data sources together to pull information together. For example, we store who the CSM is in Salesforce, but data we need to create CTAs for them lives in MDA. The team was able to join the data field in MDA to the Account data. 

This has allowed us to create CTAs from one rule instead of creating two rules, one to load the MDA data to usage or customer and one to create a CTA.
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What I have seen a lot of our customers do is store all such trends together as usage. This is doable through the rules engine, where you can either snapshot data periodically, or extract as is, and push to Gainsight's Usage Data object (or a new object in MDA). So your full list of metrics might look something like this:
  • Page Views
  • Logins
  • Installations
  • Open Cases
  • P1 Cases
  • Milestones (of a particular type or all)
  • CTAs (of a particular type or all)
The other solution, as Denise mentioned, is to just put reports one below the other in a dashboard. 

Lane, what you are referring to is the ability to do joins on MDA data. But it's always many to 1. Let's say you have usage data in one table, and case data in another (both many/multiple per Account). Both these tables can be joined with Account data sitting in a third table, but not with each other.

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Hi Daria,

One way is Bionic Rules and  the second way, Using Data Designer

You can refer to this link