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  • 23 June 2021
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Hello Team, 


I think this is something useful for all the Gainsight Admins and end users. Let's say I am creating a report and I am adding 5 fields (A,B,C,D,E) in Show me section. I am changing the “Field Display Name” of 2 fields from A to X and C to Y respectively.  Now, I am adding a field to the Group By section. This is where the issue happens. The field display names of A and C will be automatically changed from X to A and Y to C. I will have to change the Field display names once again. 


The unfortunate situation here is, Horizon Analytics report builder doesn't give the option of Undo and Redo.  

3 replies

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@kumaranbcak sorry for the inconvenience, agree with you. Let me check whether this is a bug or expected behaviour.

Horizon analytics is a just born baby and growing now. We definitely need inputs/feedback like this to make it better. 

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Hi @kumaranbcak 

Thanks for this feedback. I’ve added this to the backlog.

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Has this been fixed?