Horizon Analytics report builder doesn't give the option of Undo and Redo 

  • 23 June 2021
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Hello Team, 


The unfortunate situation here is, Horizon Analytics report builder doesn't give the option of Undo and Redo. Is there a reason why the Undo and Redo options are removed in Horizon Analytics while the legacy report builder had the Undo and Redo functionality. 


I honestly think that this is a mistake. Please enable the Undo and Redo functionality in Horizon Analytics.

5 replies

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@kumaranbcak you have already submitted the same request here too. 



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@sai_ram - Thanks for looking into it. These two posts are two different ones. Here I am talking about the Undo and Redo. Where as in the other post I was talking about the Field display name being set back to its original name.

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Hello @sai_ram , Any update on this

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Hi @kumaranbcak 

We did hear some feedback about the busy top bar. And when we checked data, a few options are not used as much as others. Because of simplifying the experience in report builder, some options might be amiss. 

That being said, we never had undo, redo in old reporting.

We had Reset - which just resets the  report to its original saved state. You can get this via refreshing the page. 

We had refresh - which is not present in a different place.


Let me know if I am missing something.

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@rakesh - Thanks for your reply. I missed the actual names of Reset and Refresh. I mistook it for Undo and Redo