Horizon Analytics - Max Date Widget?

  • 9 June 2021
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Is Horizon Analytics going to support date fields and min/max aggregations in the widget view of report builder? 

Use case:

I want to add a widget onto my C360 of the last QBR date for the customer. This would be a widget based off of a report (Timeline/Data Designer) that has "QBR Date" aggregated by MAX to get the most recent one. I would prefer this to my alternate plan of adding a "last qbr" field to the company object, populating it via rule, and adding that field on the summary.


Is this sort of functionality planned? Is it possible already and I’m just not aware? Should this be a product request? @rakesh 

1 reply

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@bradleymcg that’s a tricky and techi use-case, thank you for sharing. Date fields improvement is part of the Horizon Analytics, I will once again confirm with the product team and get back to you.