Handling multi currency conversion in Non aggregate reports

  • 9 September 2020
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Customer wants to build a simple non- aggregated report on Opportunity object to view expansion Opportunities of current quarter. Since they have multiple currencies it is not possible to view opportunities based on the revenue field when sorting. 

Even if I use ranking to pull top ‘N’ opportunities based on revenue field, it is ranking based on the numbers ignoring the monetary values.

Though this can be achieved by creating SFDC formula field to convert and store all currencies in single currency or by building a rule to convert all of them to corporate currency, it would be great if there is option with in report builder to select the currency for currency data type fields, so that all the values get converted to selected currency and makes it flexible to add these reports in dashboards.


3 replies

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Hi @Jyothsna 


Is multi-currency enabled for their Gainsight instance? Have they moved to the new currency support? 


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@pgeorge Customer is on salesforce edition, not sure if multi-currency feature is enabled for SDFC customers as well. I read in some thread that they are implementing some migration framework for enabling this functionality for existing customers, is there a way to check that?

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Hi @Jyothsna 

The tenant is not in the new currency support. 

In the new currency support, the flat reports will be shown in the local currency. The option to show in a single currency in flat reports is a part of the roadmap. 


Thank you