GS scorecard based custom dashboard and reports

  • 14 April 2015
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What are best practices for analyzing the scorecard data to learn more about the health of the overall customer base? Are there any graphs / detailed SFDC reports based off of the scorecard object that worked well and you recommend?

I'm working on building a dashboard based on the scorecard data gathered in the C360 page. Some business questions I'm trying to answer are:

1) How many customers are at churn risk?
- By Industry
- By Segment
- By CSM
- By Renewal period
2) What are the top 5 reasons of why some customers are currently in Red
3) What's the monthly overall score trend

Any other examples of what works for others would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

4 replies

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These are some really great questions!  We have our team preparing some documentation for you and will post back soon! 
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Hi Irit - happy to brainstorm some ideas with you on this. To clarify, are you interested in reports that would help you answer the three questions you listed, or more in what additional questions could be answered using the health score. Also, what are the health score components you're working with (i.e. your sub-score categories)?
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Julia, I believe it would be useful to quickly analyze the average healthscore ad sub-scores by various account attributes. The questions above are the ones we were hoping to be able to answer in the immediate term but ideally, we should be able to answer any questions using the healthscore and related group metrics.

For example: average healthscore by CSM, Avg healthscore by industry, RYG pie chart per each sub category... etc
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Using the "GS Scorecards" subject area in Report Builder, you can build all sorts of great reports on the subscores. For example, if one of your sub-scores is "Adoption," you can build a bar chart showing "Adoption Score by CSM," to see which CSMs are driving adoption most. 

You can also create an Average Score By Month line chart to see trends. If you do that, make sure you add a filter for "score > 0" so that any zero scores don't affect your averages. You can use the Date attribute, and then click the gear on the Date to group it by month. 

For "top reasons customers are in Red," you can add your subscores to "Show me", and then Account to "By". Then if you filter for Score < ______, you can see the average subscores for all of your red accounts.