Gainsight Champions - Manage specific Reports and Dashboards without full admin

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Hi Folks,

I have a depatment which consumes much of our GS admin time with report and dashboard updates. I needed a way to give permission to edit specific dashboards and reports without the admin access that GS ships with this ability.


Today I found a way. Here is what I did:

  1. Created new SFDC permission set (I named it Gainsight Report+Dashboard Builder )
  2. Added two visualforce pages to the permission set [list=1]
  3. JBCXM.LayoutManager
  4. JBCXM.ReportBuilder
  • Added the permission set to GS champions

    [/list]Now my GS champions can edit only the reports and dashboards that they have edit access to at the Report/dashboard or folder level.

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    @neelam_mukherjee ,

    Hi Neelam,

    Can you kindly review this and see if we can have more clarity on the documentaion for this particular use case. I believe this can be very helpful?

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    FYI @rakesh

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    This is totally awesome and I am putting this on my "TO DO" list since we have the EXACT use case. We have some power users that wish to have a few keys to a few doors but not the entire Kingdom per se.

    I stongly vote this up as a potential feature enhancement to automate or create this type of group as standard in GS.

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    Sure Bighnaraj!! @prashant_mathapathi from my team will reach out to you with the updated doc for your review.

    In my org, with the JBCXM.ReportBuilder permission, any end user can go to report builder if they have a link to a report, and from there they can edit any and all reports. Once a user is in report builder there is not a way to restrict access by report folder.