Fail to extract data connecting Tableau Desktop to Gainsight

  • 15 March 2021
  • 9 replies

I can connect to Gainsight NXT in SFDC from Tableau Desktop using the Gainsight Web Data Connector.  When Tableau Desktop is trying to start building an extra, it throws an error. Any idea how to resolve this?


9 replies

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@bennychan sorry for the inconvenience. I am redirecting this to our expert on Tableau integration.

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@bennychan sorry to see this error. Let us look into this and provide with an accurate analysis on why this happened and how this can be resolved.

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@bennychan this is a new issue that we never came across. Can you kindlyraise a support ticket for this? Our team needs additional details to debug this issue.

Do mention our conversation in the ticket.

I did raise one after a while posting here, it is still going on

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@bennychan thank you for raising the request. Please let us know if you need any help on this. 

Got a reply from GS support that it is a new bug that will look into.  My next questions are 1) What version of Tableau Desktop that you use which successfully connect to GS?  2) Can JDBC/ODBC be used?

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@bennychan We are using web data connector and JDBC/ODBC cannot be used to connect to Tableau.

I will check with my team on the Tableau desktop versions that support Tableau-GS connection and get back to you.

I’m also having this issue using the WDC, having tried multiple versions of Tableau Desktop (2021.3, 2021.2, 2019,3)



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@kealyc can you please raise a support ticket for this.