Date Comparison in Reports

  • 30 October 2015
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I want to have a report that returns Customers with renewals
due in this fiscal quarter, or are past due. So renewal date is less than or
equal to this fiscal quarter.

I chose for the criteria Renewal Date <= Current
FQ. The result is Customers with renewal date less than or equal to the start
of this fiscal quarter, which for us is August 1st. It should return
Customers with renewal less that October 31st.

This seems like a bug. What am I missing.

8 replies

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Hi Kristin, try doing '= Current and Previous FQ' instead - this is often returns more accurate results.

If you're still not seeing it match up then check how your Fiscal Year/Quarter is defined in Salesforce (https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=setting_the_fiscal_year.htm). That's the setting this filter is working off of. Hope that helps!
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I need to use "less than or equal to" because we may have renewal that are very past due. 

Our fiscal year is setup to start with Feb. So are QTRs are:

The filter Renewal Date <= Current FQ is not working correctly. Please have this further investigated.

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Thanks for the feedback, Kristin! We will get investigate this issue further and get back to you.
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Kristin, I see the same behavior when I adjust my report to <= Current FQ.  Our Current FQ is Sept - Nov and I don't see anything beyond Sept 1.  (= Current FQ shows me dates in Sept - Nov)   I agree this looks like a bug. You might want to open a support case.
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Thanks, all. A ticket has been opened for this and has been sent to engineering for review. 

The workaround for now is <Next FQ. 
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Hi Team -

So here is a new wrinkle in this issue. The results you see in the Report Builder are different from what is returned on the Gainsight tab. I have the report in a dashboard, and even though the renewal date criteria is <Next FQ in the report, the dashboard does not return any Customers with renewal date past 11/01/2015.

I also tried Renewal Date < Current FQ OR Renewal Date = Current FQ. Again, it works in the Report Builder, but in the dashboard there are no results.

Please investigate.

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Hello all,

Did the support ticket get this all resolved for you? Or it it an ongoing issue?
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The workaround is working, but there is still the issue of <= Current FQ not giving expected results.