Data Designer Use Case: Tracking Accounts without a Timeline entry

  • 18 February 2020
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Since the release of Data Designer I know some of my customers have been having a hard time coming up with with some quick win use cases to leverage this awesome new feature.  Below is a quick win configuration on how you can help your CS team keep track of accounts that might not have a timeline entry.  (Steps below) 

Step 1: Create a Data Fetch on Company object 

  • Account Id 
  • Account Name 
  • filter = Active 
  • Add any additional fields you want 

Step 2: Create a second data fetch on Activity Timeline 

  • Account Id 
  • Account Name 
  • status = Active 

Step 3: Merge (Left Join)

  • Account Id as unique Identifier 
  • Filter = Time Line Activity Id is Null 


Thank you to Dan Ahrens for help on the configuration and I hope this helps others with a quick win utilizing Data Designer 

4 replies

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@elliot_hullverson Thanks for your time on this post! Bumping this to the top for more visibility!!

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Ooh I think this is for us 🙂 This has been immensely helpful in our absence of data reporting through Gainsight. Thank you to the product team and to Elliot for this feature.

One thing I’ve noticed is the maximum once daily cadence of refresh on data designer datasets can cause the timeline lapse reporting to be inaccurate for accounts with timeline entries in the current day. For our higher cadence activities (high-touch clients requiring a weekly or biweekly call, for example) this can be an issue. Anything on the roadmap to allow a more frequent, intraday refresh of data designer datasets? 

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Any updates to Sierra’s question above? We’d also like to leverage a more frequent refresh. @sai_ram 

Just to confirm this is now possible with Data Designer ( the minimum refresh is now 2 hours ) between runs. 


OR for even more granular control using CRONS expression ( use this site to generate it easily - )