Dashboard Roll Up Views

  • 11 August 2020
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We are trying to standardize on one dashboard so that our csms all the way to RVP are operating off of the same metrics vs. multiple dashboards. We would like a roll up view based on leveling. For example CSM looks at dashboard at account level, manager looks at dashboard as csm level, RVP looks at it at a region level. The problem is there isn’t an effective way to roll it up so when an RVP looks at our dashboard in the by csm widgets they see thousands when it should aggregate by region. 

3 replies

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If you have fields on the user table that show the CSM’s manager, and the CSM’s RVP, you can roll these up all in one dashboard. But you do need to have 3 filters on the dashboard for each role: CSM, CSM Manager, CSM’s RVP, etc. But it does make it a bit more difficult for users to make sure they have all the right filters. 

I have found creating multiple dashboards and ensuring each is hidden via permissions to be more user friendly. Just make sure the RVP can only see the RVP dashboard. 

Gainsight needs a better way to handle hierarchies across the org chart to better report on these.

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Hi All,

Basically there are 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. Leverage any other attribute on user object or company object to drive this - soon you will be able to leverage our segments to filter for a list of companies
  2. For same dashboard, with the same config to be filtered to different users differently, make sure that CSM’s have access only to the data of companies they are CSM’s of and CSM Manager to see their team’s portfolio in our Data Permissions page. In this case, you do not even need a filter - automatically CSM’s see their own portfolio, CSM Manager to see their team’s portfolio and other execs would see everything. (Note you can define permission by region or other attributes as well)

Let me know if either of it sounds like a good option here 

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I agree with @CurtisValentine.  I’ve definitely found it more user-friendly to do multiple dashboards.  In my experience, managers and VPs tend to want to see the data a bit differently than CSMs even though it’s technically displaying the same KPIs.  Happy to provide additional suggestions if you have some examples of the reports you are looking to include.