CSM lookup on Survey User Answer object

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Currently, on the Survey User Answer object it is not possible to get the lookup from Company > CSM (user) (where things like segment and manager exist). 

The use case is reporting and dashboard development. Other reports are built on NPS Survey Response object which does have the CSM lookup. However, that object does not allow us to see ALL survey questions and answers (like the Survey User Answer object does!). So on the NPS dashboard, we can show statistical data relevant to things like segment and manager, but when you get to the report that actually as the questions and answers no data populates unless you clear the global filters. 

This would be less of a problem if you could add a field to the report because you could filter in the report column for what you need, but again, the field is not available in the show me via missing lookup with CSM (User).

Would it take much to implement this lookup so that we could build survey answers into effective dashboards?




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@jochle Thanks for sharing your request. I would need sometime to get back to you on this. 

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@sai_ram . Sure. Thanks!

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Hi @jochle, you can try getting CSM through Survey User Answer object > Participant ID > Company ID > CSM. Let us know if that helps!

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@richa_bala @sai_ram 

Unfortunately, no. While the Company lookup exists under Participant ID, the CSM lookup is not available under Company there.

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Hi @jochle - thank you for sharing more details. One workaround we can suggest is to use Data Designer to generate the report - this will help you pull all relevant fields that you are looking for. 

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@richa_bala  @sai_ram I haven’t had a chance to look into that, but I will say we do not like the idea of creating so many data designer spaces for one-off needs like this. It is harder to manage and creates technical debt and additional weight against processing needs. 

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@richa_bala I love your proposal to traverse the Lookups, but I’ve found one can only traverse 2 levels of Lookups when building Reports. In the example here:

Survey User Answer object > Participant ID > Company ID > CSM

Company ID is a 2nd level Lookup, so it’s fields are fully-accessible. CSM is a 3rd level Lookup, and thus you cannot traverse that far. (I think you can get to the GSID because that’s actually a field on the 2nd level Lookup of Company ID, but only that, and not Name or any other property of the CSM).

Like @jochle , we try to limit the number of Data Designers, especially if they are likely to support a small number of Reports.

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Thanks for your response @matthew_lind @jochle I took a look and understand the concern you are raising. I have forwarded the same to the Report Builder team who will look into this further.

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I am looking into this and will get back you soon @jochle  and @matthew_lind . 

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Hi @jochle  @matthew_lind , unfortunately as of today other than using the data designer we cant have a 3rd level of lookup for the report builder.