Ability to see the time a user takes in between two events

  • 23 September 2021
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Is it possible to see the average time taken for a user between two features?

Ideally I would be able to see the average time taken for all users in cohort X between Feature A and B and across sessions. 

4 replies

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Hello @zacdarocha, thank you for your post. Looping in our Product Manager to get back to you on this!

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Hi @zacdarocha,
You can set up a Funnel for suitable date range and chose the features A and B as the steps of the Funnel. This will give average time across all the users between Feature A and B.
You should be able to further filter this funnel to the one user that you want to monitor using various Users filter conditions eg: first name, last name, email etc.
Then on hover on the second step of funnel, you can see the average time between the steps/features. You can get this information in export CSV as well.
You can add more than one user in the filters section by choosing appropriate filters.

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Hey @Chandu 


Thanks for coming back so quickly! 


If we have this funnel set up is the funnel data exportable via the S3 bucket?

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Hi @zacdarocha 
You can only export it via the “Export CSV” option on the Funnel screen currently and is not part of the S3 buckets.