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XLIFF Replacement of Default Language "en"

  • 5 June 2021
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Here is the use case.


We have a standard engagement for system disruption. This engagement has about 75 total characters. When there is an issue, this engagement receives an XLIFF file with details on the disruption AND then an ACTIVE API call to launch the engagement. 


Our issue management system sends out an SMS notification, email notification, and API notification  to multiple users and system. However, the Gainsight PX API errors out when importing ANY XLIFF file with a target language that includes the trunk of the default language at creation. This means we can update the message for EVERY OTHER language but the default language set at creation of the engagement.

Allowance for XLIFF replacement of the default language, would allow for easy update to the context of the engagement without having to rebuild an engagement for each new message.


A workaround has been to change the default language to an obscure language, create the template, and then change the default back to en, zh, sp, etc. Once the engagement “shell” is created, you can use the API to update the context for any language you choose.

This allows you to use system generated API calls to update a message in your app without having physical intervention.


.Please vote this request up so that we can all use the API to change the default language content of any engagement.

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@JPKelliher thank you for sharing this here and thanks for your time for the workaround. Sharing this with the product team too.