Warning when event goes from receiving event to 0

  • 8 December 2020
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Would be great to get a warning when an event that has received traffic suddenly gets 0. For example, if either the ID or URL is changed, and that isn’t handled and the event remapped. 

I think this highlights the challenge of how all departments (prod, tech, operations) can keep track of what elements are tracked in Gainsight and not. How product and tech can sync the Gainsight implementation to make it robust and not break tracked elements by mistake. One way is of course to check in Gainsight every time we make changes but I don't think that scale very well.

4 replies

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As part of the 20DEC release, admins of PX can access the Admin Console which provides admins information related to the health/status of your PX Subscription/Workspace.

Currently, Admin Console provides health information with respect to the Engagements and Integrations. We will be introducing more in the coming months including outgoing Webhook information and alerts such as the one you described.


We also plan to incorporate these events into the outgoing webhook framework to send notification to Gainsight CS platform and other external/partner platforms.

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Thanks @angelo, great news. Is there more documentation regarding the Admin Console coming? Will keep an eye out for more webhooks then.  

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We have published an article on Admin Console including the new features added during PX January release. Please find the article link here

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Great stuff @Divya . Thanks for this, will look into with the team.