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Using Rest API to Update Engagement Text

  • 27 April 2021
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We have been exploring different ways to update and manage engagements outside of Gainsight via the Rest API.  We were hoping to utilize the Rest API to push transcript updates to engagements by uploading XLIFFs but found we do not have the ability to push updates for the default language set in Gainsight.

Can Gainsight add the ability to update the default language via XLIFF upload?  Or is there another API call that can be utilized to update the text within an engagement?


1 reply

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I like this idea. It would allow for emergency product notifications to be posted in solution by third party tools that update users on product outages.


If you were to create an engagement only to be seen on your login screen, the third party notification system could send the XLIFF text through Gainsights API with details about the type and severity of the outage, and update that notice regularly with changes in the expected resolution time.