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User attribute "number of days as a user"

  • 18 October 2021
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Would like to be able to have a user attribute that is the number of days since they signed up. Would want to use this as a token in an engagament. For example "You have been a user for X days" etc. Or use in audience rules as well.


1 reply

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Hi @Pauline 

How about using the options on signed up More than / Less than , to target the audience?


With the existing product design you can’t have the dynamic calculated field that will ensure the accurate days to display in the user attribute.


If the above solution from the screenshot doesn’t meet your needs, and looking for accurate # of days after signup to be displayed at the user attribute level, you can create a number attribute and pass the calculated value during the identify call.

Please Note: calculation shall be done from your code and you can pass the attribute value to the user attribute, and that gets updated on every identify call.



Dileep Nalla