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Survey Enhancements - Text boxes, open text fields, & formatting

  • 6 May 2021
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Hi Folks,

I have a few enhancement requests for surveys that I would like to share:


For each survey that we create we are required to add a legal disclosure statement. We would love it if we could add additional text boxes to every engagement type so that we can have our question on the top and then the legal disclosure on the bottom. Currently there is no option for this across any of the survey types. This results in very cramped and kludgy looking surveys with the text boxes looking extremely busy.


We would also like the ability to include additional open-text questions to surveys where needed. We are finding it difficult to repurpose survey requests/survey copy when we receive a request that does not 100% fall within Gainsight’s only option for a particular survey type.


If possible we would also like to see options for the open-text fields. For example, if we receive an NPS score of 0-3 or 9-10 we ask for additional comment. If a customer responds with a score of 4-8 we simply thank them for their time and close the survey.


Small Painpoint/Request: For some bizarre reason the 1st slide on the multi-choice question survey has all text bolded and we are unable to change/override that. The bolded <b> element does not appear to be applied when you dig into the code view, and the WYSIWYG does not change the style when you click/unclick the bold button. The text boxes for the additional two steps do not have the same constraint, which results in an inconsistent product unless we decide to append the bold styling to 100% of the copy. We would love it if we had control over this aspect of the 1st slide.


Happy to discuss further if you have any questions or would like clarity. We appreciate your consideration.

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@Jordanc thank you for sharing the multiple feedback here.  I am redirecting this to the product team for more visibility.