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  • 11 February 2021
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Hi All,


I wondered if anyone has been able to do a structured survey? I know that we have a lot of options available within Gainsight PX but we aren’t able to branch off to follow on questions based around a previous response.


So my Idea/Example is:


How do you find the tool?        - Option A = Trigger Question 2.1
                                                      - Option B = Trigger Question 2.2
                                                      - Option C = Trigger Question 2.3


I hope that makes sense, I know we are able to do surveys like this within SurveyMonkey allowing us to change the sequence of questions depending on their previous choice. 

I also didnt know if we can create an engagement which launches based on their survey responses?
So if someone scores a feature low in a survey, we can trigger a follow up guide or pop-up to educate the user on the features a bit better (so technically they’ve highlighted their struggles and we’re now holding their hand through a new onboarding/demo).



5 replies

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Thank you for the detail and user case outlined in your product idea!

Yes, routing on the multi-question surveys is under consideration for the roadmap (2nd Half ‘21).

Adding more options to the Engagement Audience rules to trigger off answers from specific survey types (NPS, CES, etc) is planned for this year.  

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This is one the key features that would help us with a few of the products we have set up with PX, we will be able to really delve deeper into understand user thoughts and adapt our responses/next questions accordingly to match their mood (based on their scoring).

If there is any way to expedite this feature into the first half of ‘21 that would be greatly appreciated and I think a lot of users would utilise the addition.


We would also love this so we can target a custom message if a user gives a lower CES rating. For example, we might offer to meet with them to discuss their pain points.

To have multi-question survey, it would be good to have the corresponding survey analytics. 


Here is the scenario:

Q1 - Option A, B, C

Q2 - Option A,B, C

Q3 - Option A, B, C


Ideally I can analyze users’ response if users select A in Q2 and see following result:

For users selecting A in Q2, 

20% selects B in Q1

60% selects A in Q3


This can’t be done in current analytics to filter by users’ response.

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Have  Score based questions and feedback labels enhancements as part of our roadmap.