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Store and Re-Use an Audience filtering result

  • 22 March 2021
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Hello everyone,

I think that it would be great to have sort of a well known “copy to clipboard” option, but tweaked in a way that we would be able to “store and re-use” an (audience) filtering result. Consider exploring results in the Audience Explorer part until you are sure that you got the right audience and then deciding to make a certain analysis on the same set of Users - let’s say an analysis using the Path Analyzer in the Analytics part of PX. With the current setup, you would navigate to Path Analyzer and you would need to add and apply all the same rules as you did 5 minutes ago.

Instead of the above setup, I’m suggesting to have a “Use this filtering result” button that would (when clicked upon) open a drop-down list asking you to select to which part of PX you would like to take the Users present in the current filtering result.

The benefit of this feature wouldn’t be just in reducing the number of clicks for “lazy people” who don’t like to remember all the previously used rules and transferring them around (but this is surely a benefit too :)). One great application of this feature would be, for example, that it would allow us to track the path of all Users who clicked on a CTA button from an Email engagement. Currently, I see that we are able to analyze the next steps (using the Path Analyzer) of all the Users which were engaged with any type of in-product engagement, but I don’t see a way of doing the same for Users which were engaged with an Email engagement. 

I can see other similar use cases for this feature, but I consider the mentioned one probably the most important and useful.

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@dorian_cudina thank you for sharing your request here.