Refresh all your analytics reports at once

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Hi everyone, 

We think that it would be great to have one “global button” which each user could use in order to refresh all his/her reports in one go. In the current setup, we need to enter (for example) in each funnel that we created separately in order to be able to input the refresh command. Then we need to wait for a few minutes for this funnel to update the data and then we need to repeat this process for the next funnel. This feels like a big time waster.

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@dorian_cudina true, this would save time. We have others posts as well with same request. Thank you for bringing this yep here.

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@dorian_cudina  How often do you run Funnel reports? How many such reports do you have on an average and are all these reports active/valid ones or would any of them be just for testing/exploration purposes?

 Given these are intensive resource consuming reports, having a global refresh like button may not be optimal.

At the same time I also understand the benefit of having such option.



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Hi @skalle,

I’m thinking that maybe a good enough solution and sort of a compromise would be achieved by implementing a refresh button on dashboard level?

I guess that it’s safe to say that PX users will rarely have more than 15-20 reports of this kind on the same dashboard… If that’s true, by implementing the button on dashboard level, you would very much limit the consumption of PX’s resources because the Users would be able to refresh a maximum of 15-20 reports in one go (instead of refreshing all the reports they ever created at once). Also, I think it’s safe to say that if some of these reports aren’t present on any of the User’s dashboards - they are not in this User’s main focus and it’s ok that the User will still need to refresh them manually one by one if needed.