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[PX Webhooks] Send More Information for the Rating and NPS Survey Webhook

  • 28 April 2021
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For the Rating Webhook we send 3 posts:

One is event.interaction":"SINGLE_STEP_SURVEY_RESPONDED"

One is "event.interaction":"COMPLETED"

One is event.interaction":"VIEWED"


SINGLE_STEP_SURVEY_RESPONDED looks to contain the full data such as rating and comments. However the "COMPLETED" one carries null for rating and comments. Not quite sure if SINGLE_STEP_SURVEY_RESPONDED is only sent for completed Ratings Survey, if not then this be reason "COMPLETED" should carry these details.


For NPS Survey we send one post:



There is one flag that is not passed in the webhook where someone answers “It is ok to contact me”. Would like to get that added to get the full data.


1 reply

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