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PX Product Environments should maintain entirely separate User/Account records and should not share data

  • 26 March 2020
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Submitting this on behalf of a customer…



Having different sets of account/users within each PX Product Environment is normal and supported by PX.  However, PX adheres to Unique ID principles and there can be one and only one User/Account per unique identifier across all PX Products and PX Product Environments. 



If Users/Accounts share the same unique identifiers in different PX Product Environments and are passing different User/Account attributes (e.g. names, email addresses, custom attributes, etc.) then any changes are updated across all Users/Accounts within that PX Product in every PX Product Environment. Additionally, any tracked usage in ALL Environments is also visible on the User Profile → Recent Activity section and is not correct.



Allow PX to support this model so we do not need to worry about matches to unique identifiers in other PX Environments altering data in a different PX Environment. 

Most companies I’ve worked for have completely unique sets of users and accounts per environment without any guarantee of uniqueness from environment to environment.  I would imagine other Gainsight customers would like this support as well.


Current Solution:

Do not share User/Account Ids across PX Product Environments.  One way to avoid this is to prefix each PX Environments non-production IDs with something unique (e.g. P{ID} for prod, Q{ID} for qa, etc.)  so that these kind of overwrites and unexpected updates will not happen.


The other option is to use separate PX Subscriptions, but using PX Product Environments is recommended as a best practice.


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“The other option is to use separate PX Products, but using PX Product Environments is recommended as a best practice.”
Do you mean here separate PX Subscriptions? Because I believe the user and account base is shared across multiple products in a single subscription.



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I did and it is now updated/fixed.  Thanks @suryanarayana!