Product Mapper - Backfill Status

  • 18 September 2019
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First off, the backfill idea is the coolest thing I've seen since, well, I can't think of a comparable connotation of awesomeness, but you get the idea.

Could you all implement some type of status on it, however? A percentage of completion, or something, would be immensely helpful in determining two things for me, 1, based on x number of events we should expect y timeframe for results, and when it's actually complete without having to keep refreshing and going back into the product mapper list to see if the orange dot is still there.

3 replies

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@mickey @ciarapeter Praise, and feedback for the backfill feature!

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I love the idea Cody! I'd like to see more status/log options throughout the product, not just here (integrations page comes to mind immediately).

Thanks for posting this!

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I’d like to receive an email notification telling me a backfill is complete. Beats refreshing the page over and over.