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Preview participants option for Dialog, Slider, Guide, or Survey Engagements.

  • 13 December 2019
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It would be awesome if you were able preview the participants for the audience logic setup for a dialog, slider, guide or survey engagement. Intercom has this feature and it’s great to sanity check who’s going to receive your message before you set it live.


Any ideas about a way to check an Engagement’s audience using Audience Explorer?

4 replies

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Great feature request, @jriva !  



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@jriva To answer your Question: Any ideas about a way to check an Engagement’s audience using Audience Explorer?


Ans: Meanwhile, you could definitely use Audience Explorer/Adoption Analytics to do a sanity check by applying the same set of filters like that of your audience Criteria.

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Currently In PX, while setting up the engagements, In the audience criteria, we can apply the rules to filter out the users to whom the engagement should display. 

“”It would be awesome if we can see the count of the users after applying filters. I.e, Ability to know how many users are qualifying after applying the rules in the Audience criteria.”” 

With the current design, When adding filters it can narrow down the audience and there is no way to know what the total customer reach would be. So it would be really helpful if we can see the count that the total target audience that it could potentially reach.

Here is the reference image,


***We can apply the same filters and see how many users are qualifying but it would be nice if we can see it in Engagement itself rather than going back to the Audience Explorer***

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@shireesha_reddy I moved your post over here because these are related requests -- preview the actual list of participants that match your engagement criteria and/or the total # of participants.