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  • 11 February 2020
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With the current PX design, we don’t have the ability to use the “Number of users and Number of visits” attributes as the filtering fields(In account filters). Even though they are standard/default attributes, we cannot use them in filters.

So it would be difficult if we have to filter out some customers/accounts who have more than certain number (x number) of users. 

For e.g: I want to filter out accounts who have more than 100 users. This can be achieved only if we can filter out by using the “Number of users” attribute as a field in Account filters.

Here is the sample image,


5 replies

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The number of users for an account is calculated on the fly, with the existing design.

This can be considered as FR

cc @angelo 

I would also like to be able to filter nr. of visits.

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Hello folks. This request is a year old. I was just wondering if this is something we can expect to see anytime soon?


When evaluating account level behavior, one of the best methods to baseline like accounts is by number of active users. Outside of license and feature access, # of users is the most common leveling techinique specificly for SaaS platforms that are not seat licensed. To compare the activity of a specific account against other accounts, we need to be able to filter that activity and adoption rate by accounts of similar size.

Comparing average days active by accounts is wildly different for a 50 user account vs a 5 user account. 

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Hello @JPKelliher, thank you for the follow up. We noticed that it has indeed been a year since the post. We will look into this and get back to you once we have an update from our Product Manager on the topic.

Appreciate your patience  here!

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Hello all,
Thank you for this post. Will work towards addressing this need in the near future.