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  • 9 June 2021
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We have use cases where we would like to tag a “New” label

next to some UI elements to raise attention to new features being introduced. This label will be persist until the guide is removed. However we can’t achieve this behavior as Navigation Bar section requires it does something (navigate to the next step or redirect). Please consider to add an option to do nothing in the dialog below


3 replies

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Thanks for posting to PX Community! 


You should be able to get pretty close to this by using a Badge only Guide (no other steps) with a custom image and a popover tool tip.  See below example:


Here it is in action...



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What we are looking to do is to only draw the attention to the “new” badge not so much have a tooltip. While doing it via an image is possible its cumbersome and you need someone to produce an image of the right size else it will pixelate or look really large in relation to the surrounding text. Is giving the option to do nothing in the “Navigation Bar” a difficult proposition?

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@chunmeilu  @jatinthaker We are planning to expose the CSS of the badge icon for you to be able to fit the right svg image to overcome this issue in the short term. We will consider this as an enhancement request .